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BackStreet Browser - A high-speed, multi-threading website download and viewing program.

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Working with workspaces

A workspace is a set of BackStreet Browser projects with all their parameters (including download save points if the download was interrupted) that are shown in the projects list and processed simultaneously.

You can operate only one workspace at a time but have as many saved workspaces as you need and switch among them.

To save your current workspace use the item File\Save workspace in the main application menu (shortcut F2). In the appeared dialog you should specify a folder and a file name - the current workspace will be saved there in a file of the special BackStreet Browser format (*.WSB).

To load a previously saved workspace use the item File\Load workspace in the main application menu (shortcut F3). In the appeared dialog you should specify a workspace file previously saved in the BackStreet Browser format (*.WSB).

To clear your current workspace use the item File\Clear workspace in the main application menu (shortcut F7). This will clear your current workspace without saving it (that is close all currently opened projects and clear the projects list). If you have saved the workspace before, the workspace file will remain unchanged.

You can also use the item File\Clear workspace and files in the main application menu. This will clear the current workspace as well as remove the previously saved file of this workspace (if any).

When you select the workspace node in the Projects/folders tree of the application main window, the files list on the right shows totals for first-level child projects of the workspace. For each first-level child project you will see the total number of files in it; number of already downloaded files; number of files to download (queued files); total size of downloaded files and the primary URL.