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BackStreet Browser - A high-speed, multi-threading website download and viewing program.

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Getting started

Here is a usual workflow when working with BackStreet Browser:

1. You run BackStreet Browser and create a new project.

2. You specify settings for the project: primary URL, output folder, download parameters (e. g. you want the links of the downloaded pages to be rebuilt as local ones), file filters (e. g. you do not want to download sound files - .WAV, .MP3, etc.), connection parameters (e. g. proxy), etc. You can set maximal link depth (how many levels of linked pages you need), server parameters (to download only pages within the primary server or follow to other servers) and direction (only subfolders of the primary folder or all folders), maximal and/or minimal size of files to download and many other project properties.

3. BackStreet Browser starts working on your project in completely automated mode. It connects to the specified primary web page and starts downloading taking into account the parameters you specified. If necessary, you can interrupt the download at any stage.

4. You get your project completed and from then on browse the downloaded site or part of the site locally without spending more time and traffic for Internet access.

This is generally how BackStreet Browser works. We offer you several brief step-by-step guides to help you quickly get acquainted with major BackStreet Browser operations:

1. Creating a new project

2. Specifying project properties

3. Starting and resuming download

4. Interrupting download

5. Saving and copying a project


You can also learn about BackStreet Browser additional capabilities:

1. Working with workspaces

2. Setting up RAS connection

2. Batch processing: working with URLs lists

3. Web search by keywords

4. Working with Web directories

5. Using Regular expressions