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BackStreet Browser - A high-speed, multi-threading website download and viewing program.

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At the tab "Others" of the Project properties dialog you can specify some additional parameters for the project.

In the section "Folder structure" define if BackStreet Browser should recreate in the project's root folder (parameter "Folder" at the top of the Project parameters dialog) the folders structure of sites being downloaded or to store all downloaded files one after another in the single project's root folder.

In the section "Starting HTML page" define the default file name to use it as the starting page if only the folder name is specified as the project's primary URL. You can also define the referrer URL for BackStreet Browser to transmit it as the source web page when connecting via HTTP. This is a very useful feature as some target paged may provide different contents depending on the source web page (referrer URL) from which you got to the target page.

In the section "Loading" set connection timeout (in seconds), number of connection repetitions if failed and the pause before downloading of each file so that not to overload servers (in seconds).