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BackStreet Browser - A high-speed, multi-threading website download and viewing program.

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Web search by keywords

With BackStreet Browser you can download sites that appear as a result of Internet search by keywords using major searching engines. To setup and start such kind of download use the button "Search" in the application main toolbar ( the item File\Web search in the main menu).

In the appeared dialog specify the keyword(s) and the root output folder on your hard drive. For each site found for the keyword(s) a separate BackStreet Browser project wil be created in the root output folder.

Then specify searching engine(s) you want to use. You should also set the maximal link depth similar to the parameter that you usually specify at the page "Load" of the project properties dialog.

Use the button "Avoid all dynamic urls" so that BackStreet Browser will not download pages representing dynamic URLs (they usually contain a question-mark).

The button "Advanced settings" will call the full project properties dialog where you can specify the complete set of parameters that then will be used for each project created as the result of web search.


There is also a specific tool for setting up the list of search engines on this page - a search configuration file.