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Follow subfolders/any folder example

Assume you are working with a project whose primary URL is http://www.xyz.com/product/milk/. In its Internet location the site www.xyz.com has directories and HTML pages with the following URLs:

1. http://www.xyz.com/
2. http://www.zyx.com/contact.htm
3. http://www.xyz.com/about.htm
4. http://www.xyz.com/product/
5. http://www.xyz.com/product/support.htm
6. http://www.xyz.com/product/water/
7. http://www.xyz.com/product/milk/
8. http://www.xyz.com/product/water/mineral/
9. http://www.xyz.com/product/water/mineral/news.htm
10 . http://www.xyz.com/product/milk/baby/
11 . http://www.xyz.com/product/milk/baby/page1.htm
12. http://www.xyz.com/product/milk/baby/page2.htm

If the option "Follow only subfolders" is checked at the page "URL filter" of the Project properties dialog then during the download BackStreet Browser will not go to any folder other then http://www.xyz.com/product/milk/ (the project's primary folder, as stated in the beginning of this example) and its subfolders. The URLs listed above in the items 1-6 and 8-9 will not be downloaded.

If the option "Follow to any folder" is checked then BackStreet Browser will go to both directions from the folder http://www.xyz.com/product/milk/ - down into subfolders as well as to the folders of upper levels (all the items listed above will be downloaded).