WebSiteZip Packer

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WebSiteZip Packer 1.3 - Free Ebook Complier

Welcome to WebSiteZip Packer - free and easy-to-use application which will help you to turn a single HTML page or a group of pages into a solid executable file (.exe) with an integrated HTML browser. Ideal for e-books, product catalogs, site demos, manuals, and searchable information distribution.

After using our WebSiteZip Packer you can conveniently transport your HTML page or a complete web site as a single file embodying all necessary components (graphics, sounds, linked pages, etc.) and present it successfully independently of the type of HTML browser installed at the destination computer. 

These are possible uses of WebSiteZip Packer:

  • Use it to produce and distribute e-books;

  • Let the visitors of your web site download the identical exe-version of the site for offline work; 

  • Create convenient offline presentations and catalogs; 

  • Create guides and manuals for your software products; 

  • Use it for any purpose where you need a solid executable file with an integrated HTML browser instead of piles of separate files and folders which are usual attributes of HTML pages. 

WebSiteZip Packer - Powerful Html Compiler, Html to Exe Converter, Ebook Compiler, Ebook Creator, Ebook Generator

[ With WSZ packer you can produce an e-book / html to exe file in just 3 steps: 
(1) Select your home page, (2) set your options, then (3) click the build button. 
Your e-books are also very easy to distribute because everything is compiled into a single file. ] 


you build compact self extracting ebooks with one click;
- one ebook, one source file. All visual, no compilation, no coding, no complications...; 
- no royalties: you're free to redistribute your ebook / ebrochure over the Internet and on CD; 
- you can create unlimited number of ebooks; 
- built-in browser (no Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera or Mozilla required); 
- full-text search capability; 
- you make .exe or wsz ebooks freely distributable, i.e. no royalties; 
- you can prohibit print or copy or save; 
- Absolute expiry - you can set a date at which point in time the ebook will cease to open.
- Password protect ebook function - you can protect your ebook from prying eyes by giving it a password so that only those that have the key can open the box.
- you can also prevent unauthorized distribution of the ebook/exe file by specifying a warning message.
- you can assign different passwords for different users; 
- little, quick and smart: runs on Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP;
- comprehensive manual; easy to learn and easy to start; 
- you are not forced to sell your ebook through us; 
- does not require Internet Explorer or any other software installed;
- this Html2exe compiler is the fastest way to produce an e-book. The compiler has been optimized to handle thousands of html pages per minute;
- you can specify manually the types of files you want to be included or not included into your resulting solid ebook EXE file.


WSZ Packer the fastest, smartest and easiest way to compile and distribute your HTML e-books on and off the web. You can't protect your Web site from CTRL-C (copy) or from printing. To distribute a compact ebook from your Web site is a handy way for distributing protected information. You can do this with our EBooksWriter.  Programmable trial period/expiry and registration function allows you to offer 'sample' downloads of your ebook creation to your customers.

System Requirements: Windows 95/98/2000/NT/ME/XP, 32 MB RAM, 2 MB Hard Disk Space.