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RafaBot 1.5

RafaBot is a high-speed, multi-threading, large scale web spidering robot. A powerful bulk website downloading tool. It can download websites from a starting URL, search engine results or web dirs and able to follow external links. It can download either a single website or many thousands of websites in one session.

RafaBot saves all downloaded files in user hard drive in native format and user can view / research / extract them off-line without being connected to the Internet. It has numerous filters to restrict download like - URL filter, date modified, text, file type, file size, etc. It allows user-selectable recursion levels, retrieval threads, timeout, proxy support and accesses password-protected sites.


Proven uses of RafaBot:

(1) Download websites for offline browsing.

(2) Download hundreds/thousands of web sites within one session. You supply a text file where RafaBot finds all URL links to download one by one.

(3) Download websites that listed in Yahoo, Google or other dirs. You only enter dir page like "http://directory.google.com/Top/Business/Industries/Import_and_Export/Food_and_Beverage/" or
and RafaBot will download all websites found there. You can set filter, depth to control download.

(4) Download websites that are found using search engine keyword. You just enter a keyword, RafaBot will query all popular search engines, extract search results and download all matching websites. You can select which search engines to use and optionally add other search sources. You can set various filter, depth to control download.




System Requirements: Windows 95/98/2000/NT/ME/XP, 32 MB RAM, 1 MB Hard Disk Space, Internet Connection.


Other Useful Utility:

Win Web Crawler 

A powerful web crawler utility to Extract 

  • URL
  • meta tag (title, description, keyword), 
  • plain text between <body> to </body> tag
  • page size
  • last modified date value 

URL Generator
- Create a list of URL's based on the field values you enter, the list can then be saved from the program  and loaded into offline downloader program like RafaBot.

Link Extractor - Extract link , URL from any type of file.

Some Notes:

# There are some sites that use encrypted url with javascript for all external urls, for example:


So, RafaBot can not visit external sites exist on those sites.

# Do not use it to download monster type sites like


when you have only few GB hard disk.