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How Do I View/Edit Text Files?

All standard text based files are pre-configured to use this viewer with the exception of many file types that are better viewed and edited in the Source Code viewer such as .htm, .html, .pl, .c and other programming language source files.

The Text Viewing/Editing window has all the editing features of WordPad or any good Rich Text File (.rtf) editor allowing you to adjust fonts, font color and the like.  As a safeguard, if you open a plain text (.txt) file and add Rich Text File options such as font color - and "Save" the file - all RTF options will be removed when saved.  To save a .txt Text file that you have added RTF options to - use the "Save As" option and Save As a Rich Text File in the File Type options of the Save As dialog box.


Depending on the width of the Viewing/Editing window - all the Toolbar buttons and options may appear on one line or broken up to fit on two lines as above.  The basic functions from top left are:

Font: Use the drop-down box to choose any font installed on your system.

Point Size: Use the up/down arrows to adjust font size.

Save Button:  Will present the option to Save or Save As.

Bold/Italize/Underline: The B, I, and U buttons toggle their respective characteristics.

Undo/Cut/Copy/Paste: Standard editing functions.

Left/CenterRight Justify:  Will justify the selected text to the selection.

Edit Items: Provides access to all editing functions plus Select All, Word Wrap and more.

Bullets: Adds bullets to selected lines.

Font Color:  Presents Window's Color picker.

Font:  Allows you select a new font for selected items.

Find: Presents the standard Windows Find - Find/Replace dialog box.

Print:  Options are Print, Print Preview and Print through Application.

Open Default Application:  Will launch the file into its Window's associated application.