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How Do I Print Files from Viewing Windows?

Most of the UE Viewing/Editing windows use the UE printer driver which offers many printing options. Additionally, in most of the windows, when you click on the Printer icon you are given three options:



Print: Sends directly to your default printer using the default or previous UE driver options.

Print through Application: Will launch the file into its native application and send to the printer using any special settings as may be set in that native application.

Print Preview: Launches the UE Print Preview and Options window.

Top Toolbar Buttons and Controls:

Print:  Prints the file with the current settings.

Prev/Next: If your file contains multiple pages - you may navigate through the pages.

Display Area Drop-Down box: This effects the Print Preview display only - not the printed page.

Fit to Page: Will adjust the display to show the entire page.

Fit to Width: Will adjust the display to use the entire width of your screen.

Grid: Will superimpose a grid over the printing area to assist in verifying alignment of graphics, etc.

Unit of Measurement:  Dictates whether margins are in Inches or Centimeters.

Zoom: Click to change cursor to Zoom tool - left-click on an area of preview to enlarge (can be done multiple times), right-click on preview to Zoom out (can be done multiple times).

Grab and Move:  Used instead of scroll bars when the preview is enlarged and only a portion is displayed.  Click on this button to change the cursor to the "hand", then left-click and drag on preview to move the preview to other sections of the document.

Single/Double Page Display:  If a multi-page document - you can click on the "2" button to display 2 pages at one time.

Close: Will close the Print Preview dialog without sending the file to the printer.

The Bottom Navigation Toolbar:

If the preview is of a multi-page document, you may navigate through the preview using these buttons:

First Page:  Takes you to the very first page of the document.

Previous Page:  Go back one page.

Next Page: Go forward one page.

Go To Page:  Launches the Go to Page Number dialog that allows you to jump to a specified page number.