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How Do I View/Edit Source Files?

The files types or extensions opened with this UE viewer are any files associated with this viewer in your Options - Filters. A single left-click on any file in File Manager will launch that file into an associated UE viewer while a double left-click will launch a file into its associated Window's application.

Also, most of the Viewing/Editing windows use the Universal Explorer printer preview printer drivers or can be printed directly through the files associated Window's application. Please see Printing Files for details.

As with all Toolbars on all UE windows, the button's label will appear when moused-over.

The Source Code Viewing/Editing window is especially helpful to programmers and web page designers because it uses color-coded syntax text colors when displaying the contents of associated files. This makes it easier to find specific instances of coding. The graphic below shows a Java source file opened in Source Code windows.



You can designate which file extensions to open in the Source Code windows via the Options - Filters menu item.

You may edit the extensions for each type of source code by selecting the source program and editing the extensions that appear in the Edit Extension line at the bottom of the screen.  For instance, you may have some Perl files on your system with the .cgi extension.  This would have to be added to the Perl line.  

Each program type can use a different color scheme for program-specific syntax.  To edit these settings, simply right click anywhere on the main Source Code Viewing/Editing window and choose the Options selection.  

The various supported program types can be selected via the Language drop-down box. The particular types of syntax available in that programming language will appear in the Element box. Simply select any of the Elements and click on the desired color to have that color used for that Element in the Source Code windows.