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How Do I View/Edit HTML Files?

The files types or extensions opened with this UE viewer are any files associated with this viewer in your Options - Filters. A single left-click on any file in File Manager will launch that file into an associated UE viewer while a double left-click will launch a file into its associated Window's application.

Also, most of the Viewing/Editing windows use the Universal Explorer printer preview printer drivers or can be printed directly through the files associated Window's application. Please see Printing Files for details.

As with all Toolbars on all UE windows, the button's label will appear when moused-over.

By default, selecting a web page file as associated in the Options - Filters will launch that file into a UE onboard Browser window. While not supporting Java or Java Applets, the UE Browser window is full featured and allows instant access to both the Source Code editor and your default browser.

The Universal Explorer Onboard Browser

The UE Onboard Browser window is completely resizeable and provides the following Toolbar buttons:

Back/Forward: These arrow become active once you begin navigating through a hard-drive copy of a website.

Reload Page: Used to reload the currently displayed page after changes have been made to the source code.

Document Source: This will launch the source code of the web page into the source code editor. To quickly make and confirm changes to a web page, the source code will be launched into a separate source code window. You may make changes to that code, save the changes, then return to the Browser window and Reload the page to view the changes.

Copy: Will copy any selected text on the web page or copy all text on the page if none is selected.

Find - Find/Replace: Launches the standard Windows Find - Find/Replace dialog box.

Print: Offers Print, Print Preview and Print through Application option (see Printing Files).

Open in Application: Will launch the current page into your default browser.

History: Shows all pages you have had open in this window during the current session.

Right-clicking anywhere within the Viewing/Editing window will present the following options: Copy, Select All, Find, Print, Document Source.