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Screen Capture

The Screen Caputre utility allows you to do a screen shot of either the active window or your entire desktop. Once captured, the image is auto-launched into a UE Image Viewer/Editing window.

To activate this feature you must have another program open - such as a browser or graphics program. This feature can be launched from Tools - Screen Capture menu item.

To use with UE in the maximized mode, first have your other program open and active on your desktop. Then launch or maximize UE. UE will appear full screen and hide the other open program. Restore that program which will appear on top of UE. Go to the Tools - Screen Capture menu and select either Window or Desktop. Your screen will briefly show just your desktop while it is captured then UE will reappear and place the captured image into a Graphic Viewer/Editing window.

To capture the entire Desktop - simply click on the Screen Capture - Desktop option. The entire desktop will be captured, UE will maximize and the Desktop will appear into a Graphics Viewing/Editing window.

To capture only the active window - To capture a specific window that is currently open on the desktop, you must do two things. First, right-click on the minimized UE icon to open the options menu (this will make all open windows on the desktop inactive). Then click on the Screen Capture - Window option and then immediately click on any portion of the desired desktop window to make it active.

The now active window will be captured and auto-launched into a UE Graphics Viewing/Editing window.