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How Do I View/Edit Graphic Files?

The files types or extensions opened with this UE viewer are any files associated with this viewer in your Options - Filters. A single left-click on any file in File Manager will launch that file into an associated UE viewer while a double left-click will launch a file into its associated Window's application.

Also, most of the Viewing/Editing windows use the Universal Explorer printer preview printer drivers or can be printed directly through the files associated Window's application. Please see Printing Files for details.

As with all Toolbars on all UE windows, the button's label will appear when moused-over.

The onboard Graphics Viewing/Editing window supports the following file formats:

 .bmp, .cur, .dib, emf, .gif, .ico, .jpeg, .jpg, .pbm, .pcx, .pgm, .png, .ppm, .rle, .tga, .tif, .tiff and .wmf.

The viewer also supports animated GIF files.

The editing features include rotate, flip, resize, resample along with full Color Adjustment and Special Effects.

As with all the Viewing/Editing Toolbars - the toolbar buttons may appear on one line or multiple lines depending on the horizontal size of the window. Below are brief descriptions of the toolbar functions and it should be noted that all available options are available via a right-click menu inside the viewing window.

Zoom Slider and Drop-Down Control:  The displayed image may be sized anywhere from 1 to 2000 percent of the actual size. By default, it will appear at 100 percent or actual size. You may adjust the size in three ways: Moving the Slider control left or right, using one of the preset sizes via the Percent drop-down box or by selecting the currently displayed percentage in that box and retyping any desired size.

Save: Presents both the "Save" and "Save As" options.  The "Save As" option allows you to save the current graphic as a variety of file types.

Undo: Undo becomes active after you perform any action on the graphic and will undo the previous action.

Cut, Copy, Paste: When your cursor is over the displayed graphic, it will change to a "+" crosshairs. You may then left click and drag a selection area. Cut will remove that section of the graphic and put it in Clipboard leaving a "hole" where the selection was. Copy will copy the selected area to Clipboard. Paste will expand the canvas and paste the selected area next to the orginal graphic - you must place you cursor outside the orginal graphic and click before using paste.

Edit Items: Provides the following options:

Rotate: Allows you to rotate the graphic by degrees.

Flip Horizontally: Will flip the graphic left to right.

Flip Vertically: Will flip the graphic top to bottom.

Color Adjust: Launches the Color Adjustment functions (see below).

Effects: Launches the Special Effects functions (see below).

Animate: When animated gif files are loaded - only the first frame will appear in the viewing window. Clicking the animate button will launch the animation of the graphic.

Print:  Print, Print Preview and Print through Application options (see Printing Files).

Open in Application: This will launch the file into its native Windows associated applicaton.


Color Adjust

The Color Adjust function allow you to modify the full spectrum of colors applied to your graphic. It provides a real-time preview window of what effect your modifications will have.  To apply any changes to the graphic - click the double arrow button between the Source preview and the Result preview and then click OK.


 Special Effects

The Special Effects function lets you apply Special Effects to your graphic such as Blur, Find Edges, Emboss and more.  To apply any changes to the graphic - click the double arrow button between the Source preview and the Result preview and then click OK.

You may also save specific settings to a *.flt file that can be later loaded and used with any graphic without having to reset all modifications again.


Convert Image Files


To Convert/Save image - click "Save As" icon of image window toolbar - set "Save As" image format type and click "Advanced" button to set various parameters.