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WebSiteZip Packer special commands

Using WebSiteZip Packer special commands within the HTML code of your project you can control the output EXE-file's browser.

The commands format is similar to that of normal HTML links, but instead of a file name you specify a special command. The command should always start with the asterisk (*).

For example, you can add the link “Close browser” to let the user exit the browser. To do this use this special command:

<a href="*exit">Close browser</a>

The following special commands are available:




*exit Exits the program <a href="*exit">Close browser</a> (Attention: closes the help)
*print Prints the current page <a href="*print">Print page</a>
*print:framename Prints the contents of frame "framename" <a href="*print:top">Print frame "top"</a>
*home Goes to the first page <a href="*home">Home page</a>
*back Goes to the previous page (if possible) <a href="*back">Back</a>
*forward Goes to the following page (if possible) <a href="*forward">Forward</a>
*search Calls the full-text search (only available, if this option was activated) <a href="*search">Fulltext-search</a>
*search:searchword Calls the full-text search and automatically starts a search for the given "searchword" (available if full-text search was activated in the options) <a href="search:WebExe">Start fulltext-search for "WebExe"</a>
*searchonthispage Calls the search dialog for the current page (available if "Search (on this page)" is permitted) <a href="*searchonthispage"> Search (on this page)</a>
*fontsize:size Sets a new font size for the browser corresponding to the passed value "size" (available if "Disable selection of font size" was not activated):
smaller - if possible, the font size is decreased;
larger - if possible, the font size is increased;
50% - font size is set to 50% of the original size;
75% - font size is set to 75% of the original size;
100% - font size is set to the original size;
125% - font size is set to 125% of the original size;
150% - font size is set to 150% of the original size;
<a href="*fontsize:larger"> Increase font size</a>
*language:ID Sets a language for the browser. The language is represented by a number (ID) which can have one of the following values:
0 – English;
1 – German;
2 – Spanish;
3 – Italian;
4 – French;
5 – Dutch;
6 – Esperanto;
7 – Portuguese;
8 – Afrikaans;
9 – Swedish
<a href="*language:4">Set French as current language</a>