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Universal Explorer (UE) : History

Version 4.2 (January 14, 2004)

File Manager:


  • Improved file browsing speed.
  • New File List Columns - Extension, Attributes, MSDos Name, Date Created, Date Accessed
  • New FileSize mode to display file size in bytes/kb/mb/gb or kb+mb
  • UpArrow button in file list.


  • Fixed 'Sharing violation' bug of folder delete operation.
  • Some other minor bug fixed.


  • Improved "Compare Text" Tool
  • Improved "Find File" tool

Version 4.0 (April 30, 2003)

File Manager:


  • Improved file browsing speed.
  • Single panel (stacked) added.
  • Improved movable toolbar.


  • Folder directory tree hint bug.
  • Some other minor bug fixed.

Html Viewer:


  • Speed up of load and format times; progress bar support.
  • Support for Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) display.
  • PNG images are supported.

Fixed bugs:

  • Fixed various problems with fonts and anchor tags.
  • Text formatting problem in Windows 2000 fixed.
  • Background colors and borders were not displayed correctly in very large tables. Fixed.
  • Table cells now display their background.

Archive Viewer:


  • Faster compression speed
  • Supports ACE archives created using the new WinAce version 2.x


  • Incompatibility found (and fixed) with Pkzip 2.6 created archives.
  • Previous versions had a maximum compressed archive limit of 2 gigabyte. This limitation is not longer present!
  • Windows 2000 "division by zero" bug fixed.

Image Viewer:


  • TIFF - now CIELAB is supported for saving
  • Jpeg - now load DPI values from Exif fields
  • GIF,TIFF,PNG,ICO,CUR - now load alpha channel
  • PNG - now saves alpha channel
  • Added CaptureFromScreen method


  • Some TIFFs are unreadable.
  • Bug on read 16 bit bmp
  • Saving GIF with less than 100 pixels raises error.
  • Crash saving BMP with RLE compression
  • Some images are incorrectly printed (Print - preview)
  • More stable on corrupted jpg files

Version 3.4 (February 19, 2002)

Added PE Viewer to view Exe/Dll version info, export/import header data, icon, etc.

Added DB viewer to view Paradox, DBase, FoxPro data tables.

Added Image thumbnail feature (View menu)

Browse html files directly from ZIP files without extracting linked images and files.

Option to add user defined command/menu under file list popup menu.

File list, 'Find File' results are save enabled as text, CSV, Excel format.

Status bar shows disk size info, properties of opened file. Status panels are clickable.

Improved single click and double click event handling for file list.

Option to reuse one and only one file preview window always with same size, regardless the file type. (Options - Configuration - Preview tab)

Added file selection using arrow keys to open file preview. Hold on "ESC" key to ignore preview.

Improved Directory Size tool.

Some other improvements...

Version 3.2 (November 14, 2001)

Windows XP compatibility

Align double panel file manager windows horizontally and vertically (View menu)

Open unlimited additional file manager windows as MDI child (File - New menu)

Align file viewer panel to right, left, bottom (View menu)

Added Show Grid, Full Row Selection properties for file manager panel (View menu)

Added Auto Fit, Auto Center, Background Style properties for Image Viewer window

Improved "Archive - Add File" dialog

Some minor improvements...

Version 3.0 (September 15, 2001)

Added PBM, PGM, PPM, TGA, DIB, RLE graphic file format support.

ActiveX integration with Word/Excel to view .doc and .xls files within UE using default viewers. UE native Word/Excel file viewers are always faster but default viewers are more accurate in display. (Preivew - Use ActiveX menu)

"Preview-Multiple Instances" is OFF, by default. Faster file preview when it is off, because same window is used to display another file, without moving its position and memory.

Added "Auto-Preview" feature. Turn on this Auto Preview feature to automatically scroll down and preview an entire list of files quickly with your hands off. (Preview menu). You can change Auto Preview timer (default is 3 secs.) value in Options - Configuration window.

Added Quick Launch Bar to launch popular programs from UE. By default, UE takes desktop program icons. (Options menu)

Added "Compare Text" and "Line Contents" tools. (Tools menu)

Added "Quick Zip" tool. Just type a zip filename or get a random filename and selected files will be zipped into the default archive directory.(Archive menu)

"Disk Copy" tool now supports making more than 1 copy of disk. So, If anything goes wrong during writing to the destination disk (e.g. the read only tab is set on the floppy), it gives the chance to try with another destination.

Added a right-click menu in file list view to create new file/folder and paste, etc., appears when no file/folder is selected.

Preserve setting of maximize file list view.

Some other improvements...

Version 2.2 (July 15, 2001)

Fixed file icon showing bug on Win ME system

Fixed "no image file found" error of Tools - Slide Show, if system hides file extensions of known types

Tools - Batch Rename, Tools - Set Properties and Tools - Split File are unable to proceed with files if system hides file extensions of known types. This is Fixed now.

Some more minor fixed

Added "Encrypt/Decrypt" tool

Added "Color List" tool

Added "Copy/Move to" function under Edit menu to copy or move selected object(s) to another destination

Added auto-check file contents feature for non-filtered (Options - Filters) files. It checks first 2 lines of file's contents and opens in Text Editor instead of Hex Window, if checked contents is plain text

Added "Show - Folder" option to toggle the folder view ON and OFF within file list area

When starting UE file manager, it is possible to set an initial folder through Configuration window

Version 2.1 (May 15, 2001)

Entirely re-designed

Many improvements

Many bugs fixed

Version 1.1 (March 23, 2000)

First initial release of this file manager.