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Overview of Major Features

Universal Explorer (UE) - a super turbo-charged Window's Explorer File Manager - plus MUCH, MUCH More!!

With Universal Explorer, you can manage your files (move/copy/paste/delete) quickly and effectively. Plus, you can also VIEW and EDIT almost any file directly in UE without launching the files native application!  View and Edit text documents, HTML, a wide range of graphic files, programming source code and more.  You can even view Microsoft Word and Excel documents without launching Word or Excel. UE has bulit-in full Archive Manager to create and manage Zip files in numerous formats - even create an executable .exe file from a zip file.

In addition, UE comes fully loaded with a wide range of great utility tools such as:

Find Files - UE offers any combination of four methods by which to find files on any hard drive and/or folders on your local computer or mapped drives on your network.

Split File - The Split File function allows you to split a large file into smaller files and create a standard .bat file that can be used to reconstruct a copy of the original file.

Set File Properties - The Set File Properties function allows you to set or reset certain file properties such as Created, Modified, or Accessed Date and to mark a file as Archive, Read Only, Hidden or System (or remove such settings).

Batch Rename - The Batch Rename function allows you to quickly rename multiple files into a sequence of file names.

Encrypt/Decrypt - The Encrypt/Decrypt function allows you to keep private files private by using a special password encrypting algorithm to render files useless until they are decrypted.

Line Contents - The Line Contents function allows you to display a file contents line-by-line in a grid. This works only on any text based files like .txt, .rtf, .htm(l), .cgi, .pas, .c, etc.

Disk Copy - A very fast and easy way to copy removable media using your system's RAM instead of its hard drive.

Search Text - The Search Text function allows you to find any/all files that contain specific word(s) or phrases.

Compare Text - The Compare Text function allows you to compare the exact text, word for word, line by line between two files. This works only on any text based files like .txt, .rtf, .htm(l), .cgi, .pas, .c, etc.

Replace Text - The Replace Text function allows you to replace a single word or entire blocks of text in a single file or every file on a drive/directory.

Directory Size Data - The Directory Size utility is extremely useful in determining the total size of all files in any given directory or subdirectories.

Directory Printer - The Directory Printer utility allows you to print a listing of every subdirectory and/or file contained within a directory and/or subdirectory.

Directory Compare - The Directory Compare utility will compare all files within two separate directories based on file size, name, data, and actual content and present a comparison report. This is great for keeping two copies of a directory up to date.

Graphic Slide Shows -The Slide Show Utility allows you to instantly create a slide show of all graphic files within a selected directory. Once activated, the Slide Show will be presented full screen with numerous options for speed, background color and more.

Screen Capture - The Screen Capture utility allows you to do a screen shot of either the active window or your entire desktop. Once captured, the image is auto-launched into a UE Image Viewer/Editing window.

Calculator - Choose from either a standard 10-key calculator or a professional formula calculator.

ASCII List - Presents a list of all ASCII characters and their binary, hex and decimal equivalents. Great for programmers and HTML design.

Color List - The Color List utility lets you quickly select desired colors and convert their values to Hex, Decimal and RGB.

System Information - The System Information utility is a great way to view a great deal of data about your computer. The System Information screen displays data about the registered user, the computer, the processor, the drives and the paths used by Windows.

Hex Binary Window - The New Hex Window function will take what ever file you currently have open in any other UE Viewing window and open a new Binary/Hex Window with that same file.

Although every aspect of using UE is covered in this User's Manual - each and every toolbar for all the UE tools utilizes the mouse-over pop-up labels making them easy to learn and use.

See screen shots of all special tools