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Compare Text

The Compare Text function allows you to compare the exact text, word for word, line by line between two files. This works only on text based files like .txt, .rtf, .htm(l), .cgi, .pas, .c, etc..


By default, to launch the Compare Text function, you can choose two files in the same directory by selecting the first file with a single click and then using the Control (Ctrl) key and a single click to select the second file. The first file selected will be launched into the selected viewer unless you have Previews disabled. Once two files are selected, you may then use the Tools - Compare Text menu item to launch the Compare Text dialog box. OR, If you wish to compare files that reside in different directories, then just lanuch it without selecting any file in file manager panel and use the "!" button to the right of either of the files to select other files any where on your system or mapped network.

Once launched, the complete text of both files will be displayed line by line with identical lines showing in Blue. Lines that contain differences will be in Black. If you use the "!" button to select a different file to compare - you must then click on the Compare button to reanalyze both files.