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Color List

The Color List utility lets you quickly select desired colors and convert their values to Hex, Decimal and RGB.

216 Color Browser Safe Palette: The color pallet on the top of the screen will display the 216 colors considered safe to use for all browsers.  These colors can be selected by clicking on one or can be used as a starting point for any color supported by your system. When you click on any of the 216 colors - that color will appear in the Color Value section of the screen.

Hex: This shows the Hex (or HTML value) of the selected color and will auto-adjust as you adjust the color.

Dec: This shows the decimal value for the color.

Red/Green/Blue: These slider bars can be used to adjust the color.  The numbers next to each color show the amount of that color with 255, 255, 255 being White and 0,0,0 being Black.  Any adjustments to the sliders will instantly reflect in the Hex/Dec values.