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Toolbar Buttons and Functions

This section covers the functions of the Toolbar buttons. Please refer to the Menu Commands Section for the functions of the individual Menu functions.

The ClikView Toolbar offers quick access to many functions while working in File Manager along with a History List for quickly returning to previously opened files. The functions of the Toolbar buttons are described below in the order the buttons appear and all ClikView toolbars use mouse-over pop-up labels for easy identification:


The History Toolbar

The left side of the History Toolbar contains the Folder History List.  The currently selected folder will be displayed in this area.  

You can filter file listing by entering file extensions in Filter box. Default is *.*
For multiple extensions separate them by semicolon and press ENTER.

The right side of the History Toolbar contains the File Preivew History List.  The currently selected file that is open in a Viewing/Editing window will be displayed in this area.  

You may instantly relaunch any file in this list by clicking on it in the History List.

You may clear the entire History List via the Options - Clean History menu item.  This will clean both the file History List and the File Manager History List.


The Drive Toolbar

The Drive toolbar contains all drives of your system.